Competitive Advantages – Shop Floor Management



Innovation is at the forefront of our strategy. At Elite Manufacturing Technologies investment in the latest fabrication technology yields an unprecedented level of automation. This allows us to focus on value added services and helps us to compete on a global scale.


Our shop floor management system has improved part quality and reduced lead times to our customers. Using our ERP and Global Manufacturing Systems, our supervisors and operators can easily identify the highest priority job in any given work cell, review customer requirements, view 3D CAD models of the part, and review past history, fixturing and setups for repeat business, with the following advantages;

  • Routings and prints are always current and up to date
  • Operators know which operation is scheduled next at each work cell
  • Progress on each job is recorded back to our ERP system, giving us accurate and up-to-date information – accurate labor tracking helps us to reduce costs on repeat jobs
  • 3D CAD Model availability allows operators to see components/assemblies from any angle
  • Real time access to critical documents and customer requirements
  • Operators can make notes for each part for future product runs providing lessons learned
  • Improved scheduling accuracy


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