Engineering Technical Support

Elite Manufacturing Technologies is ready to assist you with all your fabrication needs. We have the CAD/CAM capabilities to create detailed designs and reduce manufacturing costs. Every part has one best method of manufacture – the method that provides all of the functionality required at the lowest total cost and is robust enough to consistently produce the quantities required. At EMT, we will help you find that best method. EMT’s engineering role depends on our customers’ requirements; however our services typically fall into the following categories:



Our engineers start by turning your drawings into CNC code, much of this work can be done automatically with our knowledge based engineering software. Our engineers are competent to achieve your design requirements and are skilled in the applicable tools and techniques, designing the most complex parts or assemblies.

Value Engineering (VA/VE)

If we understand your design intent, we may be able to suggest changes to your products for large savings, using our process knowledge and experience to improve designs and reduce manufacturing costs.

Design for Manufacturability

EMT can fully engineer or collaborate with your engineering group or outside design engineers, process and manufacture all of your metal fabrication, machining and complete assembly needs. Our engineering staff can use a sketch, physical samples or a full 3D Model to produce your products.

On-going Process Improvements

For repeat business, EMT is always looking at ways of improving the fabrication process specifically for your parts to reduce costs. These ongoing improvement efforts allow us to share cost savings with our customers.

CAD/CAM Technology

EMT is constantly reviewing the latest in CAD/CAM software to give our engineers the best tools for reducing product development times. In addition to helping with our customers’ designs, we also use our CAD software to develop custom manufacturing solutions such as part fixtures, work cell layouts, and custom tooling.

EMT works with all standard file platforms. If you have CAD files with other extensions, please contact us. We will work with you to solve any software incompatibilities.


For additional information about our services, see our general capabilities table, or contact us directly.



Engineering Capabilities
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