Market Focus

As an ISO 9001 and FMA certified fabrication facility, we provide products and services to a wide range of businesses; our customers are the market leaders in their industries including several Fortune 100 companies. EMT offers focused market and customer solutions in the following areas and more.


Our ability to cost effectively make high volume, very tightly toleranced and strong parts has led to their wide use in gaming products.


Medical products require a high level of attention to detail. Our applications include PET/CT scanners, maternal-infant care, patient monitoring and diagnostic equipment and components, etc.


EMT’s ability to manufacture very large parts and form thicker material in high tonnage presses makes it an ideal process to manufacture heavy duty industrial components and assemblies.


Our tight tolerance capability and repeatability makes the process ideal for manufacturing certain electronic components such as heat sinks, housings and mounting components as well as vestibules, signal towers, environmental enclosures, etc.


Elite Manufacturing’s ability to produce high volume parts with precision and repeatability is a perfect fit for producing critical transportation components for the aerospace, bus, rail and agriculture industries.


Elite specializes in custom digital kiosks & enclosures For indoor & outdoor applications. Contact us to help with initial designs, specifications and even installation if needed. We can help you from start to finish.


Unmatched Capacity


Critical Components

EMT maintains 6 Blanking and 2 Laser cutting centers with 12 Trumpf/Amada presses in operation ranging in size from 50t – 200t. Our large tonnage capability enables for very large parts, providing material and processing cost advantages. Redundant capability allows for risk management and contingency planning.

EMT models our system on the ISO9001 framework focusing on meeting all of our customer requirements while demonstrating continuous improvement.

EMT has been ISO9001 Certified/Registered since 2001.

At EMT we have over a century of cumulative experience and expertise, combined with our state-of-art precision equipment, EMT maintains a precise metal forming process, making parts consistently to very tight dimensional tolerances. These details are an integral part to critical component applications over a wide range of industries.